Beco Fashion Pro is like a perfect fit

Lexson Brands is an importer and distributor of a long list of highly acclaimed fashion brands in the Benelux. Annebel Buermans: “We sell our clothing to fashion stores in our large showroom in Breda, and recently also on our webshop. We do this with a team of eight employees and a network of agents. They all use the Becosoft software – often without knowing it. “


Annebel: “We got to know Becosoft through our Belgian logistics partner. They were already using the software and advised us to join. That was not evident, of course: you have certain customs and habits as an organization. Throwing it overboard in exchange for a new software is always drastic. But we have not complained about that switch for a second. ”

Anne: “We use Beco Fashion Pro for our entire purchase and sales process: stocks, orders, invoices, … That is very useful: we never have to leave the software to register actions or retrieve information. In addition, all data is automatically loaded into the different modules: no duplication or retyping. That saves a lot of time and a lot of Excel files. And a lot of mistakes. “


Anne: “What really amazes me most is the simplicity of the program. After the installation we just started, without real training. The manual is extensive and clear, and furthermore the software just points out itself. Even if temporary employees are working here at busy times, extra explanations are unnecessary. You just get it right away. ”

Annebel: “Of course that does not mean that we never have contact with the people of Becosoft. Occasionally we wonder if the program could not have an extra functionality. We usually ask that by mail and occasionally by telephone. Usually the answer is that the software has that function – and that we did not know it yet. But occasionally a question from us leads to some extra development and a new feature. Or if it’s not immediately on the agenda, to a work-around. We like that approach: even if our question can not really be answered, we are offered a solution. ”

Anne: “Every time we hang out with Becosoft, we notice the personal approach. We always end up with the same people: Kristof, David and Michaël. They know our installation well and do not need background information when we call. They can therefore immediately think about a solution. That way we always get the feeling that we are the only customer, while we know very well that it is very busy at the office at Becosoft. We are quite sensitive for that type of service. “


Annebel: “Actually, as a fashion company, you want to be as busy as possible with your software. That is an instrument of use that you expect to work properly. And that it is what you would like it to be possible. And I can imagine that these needs vary in different sectors. For example, we notice that the package contains a lot of typical tricks for fashion companies, such as a division of the CRM per supplier and per brand. Very useful. ”

Anne: “Recently our B2B webshop went live. It is fully integrated with the Becosoft platform. Our customers can now log in and place their order online. We will then automatically receive useful overview lists. No more manual hassle with excellences and homemade lists. ”

Annebel: “The webshop also works perfectly together with the Label54 system, one of our fashion partners. Their photos and price information is simply uploaded in the shop. Furthermore, our customers love to use the live chat function to ask questions. Ideal, because they stay on the site instead of clicking away to the competition. “