Do you know the feeling when you want to share your screen with a group or want to start a presentation? It's pretty frustrating when you have to search hours for a HDMI cable. in addition to that, the cable mess on the table isn't looking very professional. With Airtame, the struggle is over.


Airtame is a small piece of hardware that makes wireless streaming possible. The only thing you have to do is plug in the Airtame device in the HDMI port of your TV or projector. Thereafter you can share the screen of different devices with the connected screen.

Multiple screens? No problem

In addition to all the features we already explained, it is possible to share your screen with multiple screens. All of the screens will show the same content. That’s a great solution if you have to show the same content on multiple devices in a larger area.

Airtame product in detail

In the cloud

Every Airtame device is in the cloud. that’s a dream coming true for support people. They can take over Airtame devices in their account without moving away from their desks. They have also the possibility to see which devices are in use and which ones are not.

Connecting is simple

Airtame is very easy to connect with. You only have to enter the code on the screen and connection is made automatically. In short, Airtame is a fantastic device that benefits efficiency and the mobility. Wireless screen sharing, multiple screens, in the cloud and easy to connect. Airtame really has everything to make your desk wire free. Do you want more information about Airtame and it’s integration in your workflow? Contact us (

Airtame 2

Airtame 2 is released 4 years after the first product of the danish brand. With this version of the device, Airtame is making huge steps forward when it comes to digital signage and app integration. The first generation Airtame was mainly a screen mirroring solution, the second one is developed to use screens as fast communicating displays

De verschillen

  • Better components: Four times the amount of RAM for speedy firmware and software updates and a product better equipped for future advancements.
  • Brand-new WiFi chip: The new chip is about five times faster than its precursor, which provides the user with both a faster and more reliable internet connection.
  • 2 x the wireless WiFi range – making it easier to roam around an office or classroom more freely
  • Kensington Lock input: Protect the device in semi-public environments such as classrooms and waiting areas.
  • Intuitive LED – the glowing light indicates the current state of your device, whether it’s updating, in standby mode or actively being used to present.
  • Flexible setup: Mount the device with the supplied magnetic wall mount. No need for drilling into a wall!
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